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  • While on holiday, your pet could be enjoying a run in the countryside, a walk in the park, or a quiet afternoon curled up in front of the fire

  • Your pet stays in a warm and loving home environment similar to its own, where exercise, feeding and sleeping routines are maintained

  • Carefully selected host families provide individual care for a wide range of pet needs

  • Individual/private home pet care eliminates exposure to a host of diseases and illnesses

  • Benefit from our hassle free pet collection and drop-off service

  • Enjoy complete peace of mind for you and your family pet

  • Take comfort from our extensive, no-cost liability insurance

  • Enjoy our full-time staff support - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

  • Become part of our organization’s kinder alternative to kennels



We've all been there. If you have dogs, and you just can’t leave them in boarding kennels or impose on your family or friends once again, what do you do? And if you love having a dog around but you find you can’t take on the full-time responsibility of ownership – again, what do you do?


What we did was to set up our home-from-home pet care service: pet-sitting with a difference, or dog holidays. We arrange for dogs to stay with loving host families who can match the sort of environment and routine the dogs are used to. We found that there were other pet lovers in the same situations, and who shared the same concerns, and knew right from the start it was a great idea.


It takes a special kind of person to put the 'home' in Home-from-Home Pet Care. It's not just that our dog holidays offer a great alternative to boarding kennels or pet-sitting, the host families provide genuine affection and one-to-one attention.


So it goes without saying that our hosts are all dog-lovers. Some are active retired people who have had dogs before and miss the routine and exercise. Others are at home during the day with children and can provide a busy family environment. Many have pets of their own for the guest to make friends with.


And all our hosts, rest assured, have been interviewed in depth and visited at home to ensure that they meet Hounds On Holiday's strict criteria. With such a variety of hosts to choose from, we can ensure that your dog will fit in - and that the environment will match as closely as possible to the sort of home he’s used to.

The majority of our amazing host families have been with us since we first launched, over a decade ago now, and really are the heart of home-from-home dog care.