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Bold Strokes: Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Wish your pooch could pop a breath mint? Better step up his dental care. Contrary to popular belief, dog breath isn’t supposed to stink. If it does, it could be a sign of gum disease.

To keep Max’s mouth in optimal health, the best thing you can do is brush, brush, brush.

Like their human companions, dogs can have gingivitis, receding gums, and even tooth loss from too much tartar buildup, so regular cleanings are a must. To make the experience go as smoothly as possible, follow these simple steps:

Buy the right brush: Get a doggie toothbrush, which is smaller and has softer bristles. You can also opt for one that fits right over your fingertips. For toothpaste, buy one that’s made specifically for your furry friend -- the human stuff can upset their tummies.

Prepare your pal: To get your dog comfortable with having his mouth touched, gently massage his lips. Next, dab them with a little toothpaste so he’ll get accustomed to the taste. (See if he’ll lick some off your fingers; if he does, reward him with a treat!)

Make your move: Gently lift up his lips, and hold the brush to his teeth at a 45-degree angle. Using small strokes, start by cleaning the upper canines, then finish the rest from top to bottom. Don’t fret about brushing the tooth’s inner surface -- doing the front is enough to tackle tartar.

Along with home brushing, your vet may recommend regular professional cleanings. Clean teeth and healthy gums can add approximately 3-5 years to your dog's life!

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40 Ways To Make Your Dog Happy And Love You Even More!


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Have you ever watched your dog sleep? His paws twitch, his tail wags and he lets out little barks. Perhaps he's dreaming of a romp through a meadow or a game of fetch with his best friend. Ever wish you could make him this happy while he was awake? You can. Here are 40 ways to brighten his day,and maybe his whole life.

1. Groom often. Regular brushing doesn't just make your pooch look pretty,it also helps prevent skin disease and can strengthen the bond between you.

2. Feed him like a king. A high-quality food is vital to your dog's health and well being.

3. Banish fleas! These pesky critters can make your dog miserable, plus they can cause allergies and transmit tapeworms. Ask your veterinarian for treatment recommendations.

4. Play each day. Dogs don't understand when you say, "I had a rough day at work and I just want to lie on the couch." Take the time to play,you might be surprised how much better you'll both feel.

5. Help him age gracefully. Just like you wouldn't feed puppy food to a cat, don't let your puppy eat adult food or your senior dog eat puppy food.

6. Keep his water fresh. Would you like to drink water that's been sitting in a bowl for days? Neither does he! Plenty of fresh water is vital to your dog's good health, so keep his water dish full and change it daily.

7. Treat him to an Biscuit. Nothing shows your love like giving your dog his favorite treat. 

8. Take a trip. Whether it's a ride out to the country or a quick jaunt to the park down the road, your dog will love the change of scenery.

9. Don't play doctor. Unless you're a veterinarian, don't try to treat your dog's ailments yourself. Medication meant for humans can have adverse effects on dogs. Your veterinarian can provide appropriate remedies and advise you on keeping a canine first-aid kit handy. It may save your dog's life.

10. Puppy-proof your home. Take a pup's eye view and look for possible dangers your house poses to your pooch. Do you see a dangling electrical cord? An inviting, open cupboard full of cleaning supplies? Sharp tools in plain view? Put away anything that could injure a curious canine.

11. Update your phone list. When you post important numbers beside your phone, be sure to include your veterinarian's number, along with the after-hours number in case of an emergency.

12. Walk, walk, walk. The two of you will bond during this time. Plus, walking is good exercise for both of you.

13. Spay or neuter. Altered animals lead longer, healthier lives. And it's good to know that you're doing your part to prevent pet overpopulation.

14. Keep him slim. A slim, trim dog is a happy dog, so say no to table scraps and yes to exercise. If he needs to shed a few extra pounds, try feeding IAMS? Weight Control Formula. It helps burn fat while maintaining muscle mass.

15. Clip those claws. When his nails get too long, your dog could be in pain. Ask your veterinarian to teach you the tricks of trimming.

16. Check those toys. Take a look at the toys your dog treasures. Are they safe and durable? Keep a special eye out for small parts that could be easily swallowed or sharp edges that could injure him.

17. Let him sniff. Dogs love to sniff,it helps them discover new facts about their world. Take your dog to a park, an open field, or your favorite hiking trail and let him sniff all the new scents.

18. Fetch! Head out to the yard to toss around a rubber ball or teach your dog to catch a Frisbee.

19. Try to understand his language. Your dog can't tell you how he's feeling, so you need to learn to read his body language. Low-hanging tail? This can mean fear or anxiety. Wagging tail? Happiness, of course! If you keep your eyes peeled, pretty soon you'll be a pooch-language pro.

20. Keep his ears clean to avoid ear problems due to common mites and infections. To clean his ears, fill his ear canal with ear cleaner, massage the base of the ear for 30 seconds, then wipe out the loose debris and excess fluid. Talk to him gently while you're doing this and give him a treat afterward.

21. Open a can. After your dog tastes any of the formulas, he'll do a dance every time he hears the whir of the can opener. 

22. Make cuddle time. There's nothing quite like curling up with a good dog. Spend some special time holding and hugging your pooch. Let him know how cherished he is.

23. Keep him safe. Millions of dogs get lost each year,make sure your dog isn't one of them. Determine the best identification option for your dog, whether it's a collar tag, a microchip or a tattoo.

24. Give him new chews. Chewing reduces stress and helps decrease barking. Provide your dog safe chew toys to satisfy his instincts. 

25. Hit the water. Just about any breed of dog can learn to love water, and some dogs are naturals when paddling around.

26. Play "Find the Treat." Tell your dog to sit and stay, Show him a treat, then put it behind a door or chair or under a towel. Tell him to "find the treat," and praise him when he does.

27. Scrap the scraps. Eating too much people food can cause several problems in dogs, including obesity, intestinal problems, choking and hyperactivity.

28. Snap his picture. Many dogs love to ham it up for the camera. The bonus? You'll have tons of adorable photos to show everyone you know.

29. Chat. Dogs seem to think they're human, so why not treat them like they are? Sit down with your dog for a heart-to-heart. He'll cock his head and listen intently.

30. Beat the heat. During the hot summer months, only exercise your dog in the cooler hours,generally morning and evening. If he's outside during the day, provide a shady area or maybe even a wading pool.

31. Don't dodge doctors. Even if your dog's not a fan of going to the veterinarian, remember that regular checkups are vital to his health.

32. Brush. Taking good care of your dog's teeth can prevent gum disease, tooth loss and bad breath. And the real benefit? Daily dental care can lengthen his life.

33. Bath time. Your dog needs baths, even if he doesn't think so. Make the process as enjoyable as possible by being gentle. Remember to use a dog shampoo formulated to meet dogs' special skin needs.

34. Skip the sweets. You know that old warning about chocolate being poisonous to dogs? It's true. Keep your dog safe by keeping him away from candy.

35. Teach him a new trick. Give your dog a lesson on how to roll over or play dead. He'll be proud to show off his tricky techniques to anyone willing to watch.

36. Be gentle. Don't ever hit, threaten, frighten or force-train your dog. Though he may make a few mistakes (who doesn't?), he is relying on your love to teach him the differences of right and wrong.

37. Bring the blankie. Whether you're taking your dog along on a trip or leaving him with a friend or at a kennel, be sure to bring his favorite blanket. The familiar scent and feel of it will comfort him as he cuddles up and dreams of home.

38. Register with the AKC. Dogs of all types like to strut their stuff. If your dog is a purebred, register with the American Kennel Club (AKC) so he can participate in competitions and shows. If you don't have papers, but your dog is recognizably a purebred, you can submit color photos to the AKC for committee approval. If approved, he will receive an indefinite listing privilege to compete in non-conformation events, such as obedience, agility and field tracking.

39. Do a dance. Play a lively song on the stereo and dance with your dog.

40. Be best friends. Treat your dog right and you'll be showered with loyalty, love and friendship,not to mention all those happy, sloppy, one-of-a-kind dog kisses that make your day.

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